Yucca & Agave. Various articles by Engelmann G.

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Var. β, the southern, Mexican, form of this species, is principally distinguished by its smaller flowers, 2–3 inches wide, with ovate or lance-ovate segments 1¼–1¾ inches long and usually more than half as wide; by their short style and the somewhat thinner, less rough, leaves, with thinner, often red-brown, fibres; the panicle is sometimes pubescent. Dr. Gregg notes that it is very 46 T R A N S . S T. L O U I S AC A D . S C I E N C E . ” Prof. Thurber brought from Parras leaves and fruit of this species, an account of which, together with a cut, is found in Bartlett’s Personal Narrative II, 491: “a plain covered with Yuccas presents a beautiful appearance when in flower in pyramidal spikes several feet in length .

322 is scarcely distinct, as Mr. Baker l. c. already suggests for this as well as for Y. — Y. glauca, Sims Bot. Mag. t. 2662, Refug. t. 315, with exactly the pistil of our plant, but leaves almost without fibres, also belongs here. The two following forms, which may eventually prove distinct from Y. f ilamentosa, I have not been able to identify with any described species. All often grow together on the coast of South Carolina and there ever retain their characters unaltered. Var.? bracteata has 50–100, usually about 70 leaves 20–24 in.

L. , would, from the size of the leaves (4½ ft. long), have to be referred here, if the leaves were not said to be glabrous and shining. Page 47. ), demum siccatus; semina tenuiora, plana, vix marginata, albumine integro. — Plantæ caulescentes, altera arborescens, panicula sessili vel pedunculata. * Folia serrulato-asperata. —Dr. Parry has just sent a specimen, which shows the panicle to be ovate, dense-flowered; bracts wide and membranaceous, much like those of Y. 4 mm. —In Southern Utah in flower about the end of April.

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