Artifacts & Oddities Collection 1 by Bruce R. Cordell, Monte Cook

By Bruce R. Cordell, Monte Cook

The Artifacts and Oddities assortment I is a better half to the The Cypher assortment I, one other compilation of latest units to take advantage of on your Numenera video games. during this assortment, you’ll locate greater than thirty fresh artifacts that may be further into any crusade. also, you’ll locate approximately 100 new oddities to please and confound your gamers.

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Airships. Flowers. Riverboats. Races not represented in certain kaers were remembered as well: elves, dwarfs, orks, windlings, and so on. Though the people in their kaers and citadels had little firsthand knowledge of the wonders described, the Book of Tomorrow ensured that little was forgotten. As generations passed, the words for things in the world they had lost took on the mystique of magical talismans. And gradually, the peoples of Barsaive developed a deep reverence for the land they could only dream of.

A windling will try anything new at least once, laughing all the way through every new experience. Some call this windling daring bravado, comparing us to the t’skrang. Unlike the river people, windlings rarely care if we succeed or fail at something new. A t’skrang might feel shame at failure; not so a windling, except in matters of life and death. Windlings possess a fierce desire to live and will take fewer risks than a t’skrang. What matters most to us is not succeeding, but simply doing.    The task of describing the places in which the people of Barsaive live fell to me.

In this way, Throalic eventually became the most widespread provincial tongue. Later the dwarfs began to record and standardize their language, thus ensuring its continued prominence as the common tongue of Barsaive and furthering the spread of dwarf culture. 4 How the Book of Tomorrow Came to Be As part of this effort, a group of linguists headed by the legendary dwarf scribe Mabbon Destroggus created a book listing all the Throalic words in common use in Barsaive at that time, adding the rules of grammar according to dwarf custom.

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