Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Dungeons of Golarion by Paizo Publishing

By Paizo Publishing

From the lethal heights of Gallowspire to the treacherous depths of the Darklands, Dungeons of Golarion provides a wide-ranging evaluation of six of the main risky delves within the Pathfinder international. With tough maps, experience hooks, come upon charts, and notes on key enemies and treasures, this guidebook presents the framework for GMs to make those fabulous destinations their very own. Key websites highlighted during this quantity comprise Gallowspire, domestic of the lich-king often called the Whispering Tyrant, hole Mountain, seat of a fallen Runelord, the mythical crimson Redoubt of Karamoss open air Absalom, and extra!

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Shabti are common funerary trappings, animal-headed humanoid f igurines found in great numbers within Osirian crypts, often ensorcelled. Replicas of varying craftsmanship are sold as keepsakes and charms in the local markets (those of a decidedly cheap variety by Rovagug’s Minions). This one, however, imbues the one who f irst touches it after vanquishing Sethmose with a powerful geas: the victim is bound to take the mummy’s remains to forgotten burial caves southeast of An at a shunned place in the Salt Hills called the Oasis of Bones.

Those who spend time walking the long silent corridors or attempt to search thoroughly through the dark dusty halls sense that things are watching them. Swarms of furtive shadows spy on those who linger here; they strike with their chilling caress while intruders are distracted, and then slip rapidly away. The shadows’ actions are unusually well coordinated, as if an unseen alien intellect directed them all. Level 9. Forsaken Mezzanine (CR 7): This place is a series of deserted offices, administration centers, and records storage areas, long abandoned by the bureaucrats, ministers, and other senior servants that Alaznist placed in charge of her city.

Only one cult, composed of worshipers of Nurgal (who hope someday to walk under the relentless heat of the long-promised sun), remains wholly human—although they are prone to albinism 39 41 Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Dungeons of Golarion after all the years spent underground. The other three cults now exist as Mazmezz- or Yhidothrus-worshiping morlocks or Kabriri-worshiping ghouls. Additional details on these four demon lords can be found in Lords of Chaos, Book of the Damned, Vol. 2. Acts of double-dealing and slaughter, impulsive power plays, and petty rivalries occupy the sordid lives of these depraved residents, though their numbers are regularly augmented by those vainly seeking escape from the levels below.

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