Advances in Immunology, Vol. 109 by Frederick W. Alt (Ed.)

By Frederick W. Alt (Ed.)

Advances in Immunology, a fashioned and hugely revered book, offers present advancements in addition to complete reports in immunology. Articles deal with the big variety of themes that include immunology, together with molecular and mobile activation mechanisms, phylogeny and molecular evolution, and medical modalities. Edited and authored by way of the key scientists within the box, every one quantity offers updated details and instructions for the long run. * Contributions from top specialists and specialists * Informs and updates on the entire newest advancements within the box

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42, 500–506. Mitchell, D. , Linder, M. , and Deschenes, R. J. (2006). Protein pamitoylation by a family of DHHC protein S-acyltransferases. J. Lipid Res. 47, 1118–1127. Molina, T. , Siderovski, D. , Paige, C. , Hartmann, K. , and Mak, T. W. (1992). Profound block in thymocyte development in mice lacking p56lck. Nature 357, 161–164. Monks, C. , Freiberg, B. , and Kupfer, A. (1998). Three-dimensional segregation of supramolecular clusters in T cells. Nature 395, 82–86. , and Philips, M. R. (2006).

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Biol. Cell 20, 1845–1854. , Gorleku, O. , and Chamberlain, L. H. (2010). Palmitoylation of the SNAP25 protein family: Specificity and regulation by DHHC palmitoyl transferases. J. Biol. Chem. 285, 24629–24638. Gringhuis, S. , Papendrecht-Van Der Voort, E. , Remans, P. , Breedveld, F. , and Verweij, C. L. (2000). Displacement of linker for activation of T cells from the plasma membrane due to redox balance alterations results in hyporesponsiveness of synovial fluid T lymphocytes in rheumatoid arthritis.

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