Ancient Enemies by Matthew Grau

By Matthew Grau

Thicker Than Blood

Underneath the rigorously crafted global of the recent Earth govt, a disorder festers. the youngsters of Chaos disguise in the potent Chrysalis company, brokers of the tip. purpose on bringing again the misplaced days of poor outdated gods, they seem to be a hidden tumor that quickly may be too malignant to excise. just one strength has the ability and the secrets and techniques to struggle the enemy inside of. Legacy of the Forgotten Ones, the Eldritch Society secretly hunts the kids of Chaos. Holy warriors, monsters with the hearts of guys, fight desperately to avoid wasting humanity. And to the recent Earth govt, its saviors are monsters and its destroyers heroes.

This is the Shadow battle - so few comprehend the truth.

Peel again the layers of secrecy to discover the mysterious Eldritch Society. become aware of what becoming a member of in symbiosis with something from past area and time particularly capacity. suffer mystical metamorphosis to affix extra deeply together with your otherworldly symbiont and believe the pull of its wild strength. Pull again the veil to stare into the darkish eyes of the real Chrysalis company. provide your self over to the facility of the previous Ones and suffer the notorious ceremony of Transfiguration, sacrificing your humanity for anything greater.

Nowhere else will you discover a environment like this.

Inside this booklet you'll find:

  • Five items of provocative brief fiction to aid painting the texture of the setting.
  • A distinct exploration of the Eldritch Society, to offer you a true inspiration of what it truly is prefer to be a Tager and to struggle within the Shadow War.
  • A first glance behind the scenes on the Chrysalis company and the larger teenagers of Chaos.
  • New personality thoughts, together with new characteristics and 8 new professions, together with Eldritch Society Lorekeeper and Chrysalis company road Dealer.
  • More associates and foes - new infrequent Tager and 4 new Dhohanoid manifestations.
  • Optional ideas for developing variation Tagers, in order that no manifestations desire be alike.
  • Full principles for the mysterious Tager metamorphosis, together with ten new metamorphic manifestations.
  • Full principles for designing Dhohanoid Characters and telling Chrysalis company tales, together with fourteen playable Dhohanoid manifestations and 4 new professions.
  • An creation to the arcane instruments of the youngsters of Chaos, together with new rituals, artifacts, and instruments and guns for the field.
  • A ready-to-play starter tale for Chrysalis company video games, in addition to a number of kids of Chaos tale hooks, to begin you off correct away.
  • This e-book is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling online game and calls for the center Book.

    This booklet is meant for mature readers. It includes darkish and stressful content material and photographs. Reader discretion is suggested.

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    Example text

    Without assumed identities, all the Chrysalis Corporation would need is a few digital photographs and a Tager’s life would be blown wide open. When someone becomes a part of the Society, the Administrative Network gets to work on creating a new identity for that person. Those who are a part of the support networks have the least to worry about, but even they get fake ID’s. The hackers that are a part of the Administrative Network enter the new identity into key New Earth Government agencies and create a false electronic trail of the new identity.

    Many within the Society are those that once worked for the Chrysalis Corporation. Most of the company’s employees are blissfully unaware of what is truly going on and are capable of going on with their lives without concern. However, some discover the hidden nature of the corporation as they rise through the ranks or accidentally run across it in their normal course of work. Some leave of their own volition, keeping what they’ve found to themselves. Sometimes, they say the right thing at the right time and someone from the Eldritch Society is there to give them a cause.

    In fact, most are not. Like any kind of hunting, there is much looking for prey and few exciting moments of actual confrontation. This does not change the value of the activity, however. Tager patrols are responsible for the thinning of the Dhohanoid population of any city, a service not to be underestimated. There is most often quiet competition between packs in a city, keeping track of the hunting tolls. Those that are part of the Society don’t get a lot of downtime. When on a mission, the only downtime a person gets is by accident, when there is a natural lull in the action.

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