Colour of Maroc: A Celebration of Food & Life by Sophie Palmer

By Sophie Palmer

A sumptuous collection of scrumptious Moroccan recipes, either conventional and modern, interwoven with tales and anecdotes encouraged by way of humans, meals, and shuttle experiences

Unveil Moroccan food, either conventional and modern, that's brimming with style. Photographer Rob Palmer and his spouse Sophia enterprise to the guts of Morocco to rediscover Sophia's wealthy history of nutrients and folks. Their ardour for Morocco is a pride to proportion as they're guided via Sophia's family and friends via overflowing towns and distant dusty villages, exploring this nation of power and contrasts. via their eyes, Morocco dazzles with lifestyles and colour, and provides up an inspiring selection of greater than 70 recipes bursting with style, from wealthy Berber tagines, Arabic-influenced b'silla, and couscous from the Ottoman Turks, to today's city "Nouveau Marocain" the place French recommendations and flavors meld with conventional Moroccan recipes. contains twin measures, placeholder ribbon, and small booklet inserts containing tales.

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