De Re Metallica: Translated from the First Latin Edition of by Georgius Agricola

By Georgius Agricola

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Ii, Book vii, p. " There is a fragment of a poem of Pherecrates, " entitled Miners," but it seems to have little to do with mining. 'It far as we know : ; 'The title It De Materiae Metallicae et Metallorum Experimento is Probier Biichlein, numbers of which were half of the i6th Century. We discuss this work at some given by Agricola difficult to identify. seems likely to be the little published in German in the first length in the Appendix B on Ancient Authors. , printed in Augsburg, 1477, there is a list of books among which appears a reference to a work by Pandulfus on veins and minerals.

Some then say the profit from an individual mine is unstable, as if forsooth, the miner is, or ought to be dependent on only one mine, and as if many men do not bear in common their expenses in mining, or as if one experienced in his art does not dig another vein, case. if fortune does not amply respond to his prayers in the The New Schonberg memory 10 of man at Freiberg has first remained stable beyond the 11 . , and, further, 0peram u ln et BOOK 6 my I. anything from the dignity of agriare less stable I will always and readily culture, mining admit, for the veins do in time cease to yield metals, whereas the fields bring forth fruits every year.

Is may impose upon simple people who do not another class of alchemists change the substance of base metals, but colour them to represent gold or silver, so that they appear to be that which they are not, and when this appearance is taken from them by the fire, as if it were a garment foreign to them, they return to their own character. These alchemists, since they deceive people, are not only held in the greatest odium, but their frauds are a capital offence. No less a fraud, warranting capital punishment, is committed by a third sort these throw into a crucible a small piece of gold or silver hidden in a coal, and after mixing therewith fluxes which have the power of of alchemists ; extracting it, pretend to be making gold from orpiment, or silver from tin and like substances.

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