1811 dictionary of the vulgar tongue; a dictionary of by Francis Grose

By Francis Grose

A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, college Wit, and Pickpocket Eloquence. Unabridged.

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His a−se makes buttons; he is ready to bewray himself through fear. CANT. BUZMAN. A pickpocket. CANT. BUZZARD. A simple fellow. A blind buzzard: a pur−blind man or woman. BYE BLOW. A bastard. C CABBAGE. When the scrotum is relaxed or whiffled, it is said they will not cabbage. CAB. A brothel. Mother: how many tails have you in your cab? how many girls have you in your bawdy house? CACAFEOGO. A sh−te−fire, a furious braggadocio or bully huff. CACKLE. To blab, or discover secrets. The cull is leaky, and cackles; the rogue tells all.

A half bull; half a crown. BULL BEGGAR, or BULLY BEGGAR. An imaginary being with which children are threatened by servants and nurses, like raw head and bloody bones. BULL CALF. A great hulkey or clumsy fellow. See HULKEY. BULL CHIN. A fat chubby child. BULL DOGS. Pistols. BULL HANKERS. Persons who over−drive bulls, or frequent bull baits. BULL'S EYE. A crown−piece. BULL'S FEATHER. A horn: he wears the bull's feather; he is a cuckold. TO BULLOCK. To hector, bounce, or bully. B 34 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue BULLY.

Dog's flesh. BOW−WOW SHOP. A salesman's shop in Monmouth−street; so called because the servant barks, and the master bites. See BARKER. BOWYER. One that draws a long bow, a dealer in the marvellous, a teller of improbable stories, a liar: perhaps from the wonderful shots frequently boasted of by archers. B 28 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue TO BOX THE COMPASS. To say or repeat the mariner's compass, not only backwards or forwards, but also to be able to answer any and all questions respecting its divisions.

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