A Little Wild by Kate St. James

By Kate St. James

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But she couldn’t have. Sammi would have warned her. Nerves swarming, Tess pulled her files out of her briefcase and busied herself organizing papers while Lawrence, Graham and Virginia discussed a rezoning bylaw currently before city council. Then Phil arrived, and introductions began anew. Meanwhile, Ethan kept glancing surreptitiously at her. However, not like a man might check out a woman he found attractive. Instead, he subtly examined her, as if he were trying to place her. As if they’d met somewhere before.

But I’m not anymore. Well, I’m still in the tub. ” There is a God. Zach shifted the phone to his left hand. His right itched to get busy. Slowly, he slid his jeans down his hips. He wasn’t wearing briefs, and his rigid cock ached for release. Gritting his teeth, he restrained himself from quickly finding relief. He wanted her to know exactly what he was doing. What he pictured her doing. He wanted her there with him. ” Don’t feel nervous with me, babe. ” Oh yeah. ” Her husky tone grew bolder. com 45 Kate St.

Families, professionals, senior citizens. This is food, people, not a buffet spread at some country club. ” His father nodded. com A Little Wild Zach glanced at his brother, who shrugged and smiled. “I guess,” Zach replied. ” his father asked. ” Which was to say, not at all. Dad knew that, too. Or he should. They’d played variations on this game for years: What Will It Take To Reel Zach In? The answer: nada. He wasn’t reelable. Zach loved his father, but the man could be controlling. Fortunately, once Zach opened Climbing The Walls, he’d have concrete proof of his ability to succeed on his own, and his days of going through the motions for Halliday Enterprises would be over.

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