A Shadow of All Night Falling (Dread Empire) by Glen Cook

By Glen Cook

Across the mountains known as the Dragon's the teeth, past the chilliness succeed in of the Werewind and the fires of the world's starting, above the partitions of the citadel Fangdred, stands Windtower. From this lonely preserve the famous person Rider calls forth the struggle that even wizards dread, fought for a woman's hundred-lifetime love. a girl referred to as Nepanthe, princess to the Stormkings…

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Without it he couldn't succeed, would never see the pay for the job he had been hired to do. " On a cold, blustery morning he entered Market Square on his donkey, searched the stalls till he found one belonging to a farmer met in the country. " the mystified farmer asked. " He said it deadpan, but with enough intensity to convince the peasant some high madness was involved. The farmer grinned. Saltimbanco smiled back-secretly congratulating himself. " Saltimbanco accepted and examined an empty field lug.

Good. I want to go home, work with the troops. We'll leave in the morning, come back in time for a spring campaign. You take care. If you get an urge to sabotage things, remember the Deep Dungeons. Think about living there till this's over. " Nepanthe shuddered. The Deep Dungeons were places of slime and stench and horror far beneath Ravenkrak, supposedly haunted, so long abandoned that no one living knew them in their entirety. " "Will you get the sending gear ready? I stopped by Dvar's embassy on the way.

The youth brought a brand. The master touched it to the faggots. The woman stared at her feet as if without comprehending what was happening. And the child kept crying. The farmer, with a peasant's rough kindness, carried the boy away, comforting him, taking him where he wouldn't hear. Soon he stopped moaning and seemed to have resigned himself to this cruel whim of Fate. The old man dropped him to the cobbled street, but didn't release his hand. He had known his own sorrows, and knew loss must be soothed lest it become festering hatred.

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