City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennet

By Robert Jackson Bennet

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Disappeared. ’ Mulaghesh cocks an eyebrow. ’ ‘Her name was Sumitra Choudhry,’ says Shara’s voice. ‘Her file is in the dossier Pitry has provided to you. As I said, she studied this material for three months, operating out of the Saypuri Military installation in the region. Her communications back became erratic, and then one day Choudhry was simply gone. Quite abruptly. Our forces in the region searched for her and found nothing. They did not suspect any . . ’ There is a clink of glass, a bloop of gushing liquid – is she pouring a glass of water?

Yet as the Continent’s climate changed – growing steadily colder with no Divinities to miraculously warm the weather – there became only one remaining decent warm-water port: Voortyashtan. Which happens to sit on the mouth of the Solda River, which, if brought under control, would give the entire world access to the inner recesses of the Continent. And long ago, Voortyashtan did once possess a harbour. In fact, back in the days of the Divinities, it was far, far larger and busier than any harbour the contemporary powers could ever aspire to.

The scream rattles around in her throat, a hot bubble of air swelling up inside of her, and she flails around trying to find purchase on something, anything, her right hand twisting the bedsheets into a knot and the balls of her bare feet pressed against the stone wall. She pushes and strains as her brain insists she’s still there, she’s still at the embassy and it’s still five years ago, her arm trapped under the rubble and the sky thick with smoke, the whole world ruined and gone in an instant.

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