After the Last Race by Dean R. Koontz

By Dean R. Koontz


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Breakfast? She made eyes at him, eyes like a gazelle, soft and startled. Hmmmm. That'd be nice. Pancakes? And sausages? I think I can manage. I'll get my shower. In the big country kitchen on the first floor, he prepared their breakfast with skill acquired through years of practice and countless culinary mistakes. He had everything ready for the plates when she came downstairs in a red silk wrap with her damp hair hanging in melted copper strands. They washed the food down with cantaloup juice which he had made in the blender, and they basked in the warm morning sunlight that streamed through the enormous mullioned window over the sink.

Fuck off, she said. The emotion in her eyes was too fierce to be hatred; it was a stark, hideous loathing. It came and went in an instant, but he had seen it and been chilled by it. Once she had taken a taste of her drink she was smiling again. I came over here and let myself in to wait for you. Got bored here too. So I turned on the radio and found one of them talk shows. Where people call in? Jesus, what a riot. It was that Jerry Williams thing from Boston. He had assholes calling him from all around the country.

Dominick said. He appreciated St. Cyr's friendship, but he did not want to feel patronized. You're riskin' an expensive military chopper. You could lose it. You got to take Don't tell me what I got to take. I clear thirty thousand a month, so why steal from friends? This place isn't shabby 'cause I'm poor. Hell, I pay the cops a fortune every month! But that don't buy me protection from the Queen and Uncle Sam, so I got to be ready to abandon without loss. I got a villa in France. That's where I live.

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