Conan the Invincible (Conan #1) by Robert Jordan

By Robert Jordan

Conan is ensnared through the charms of the wily and lovely Karela, who's secretly the crimson Hawk, fearless chief of a team of brigands. She leads Conan to stand the striking problem of the serpentinely evil necromancer Amanar.

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When we left our celebrating in Arenjun it was to find the countryside too hot to hold us for those vanished caravans. " Her full mouth twisted. " Her glare seemed to include him and every other man in the world. "Strange things are happening in the Kezankians," Conan said thoughtfully. " "You make flight of fancy," she muttered, and he realized she was eyeing him oddly. "Come to my tent, Cimmerian. " She spurred away up the mountainside before he could speak. Conan was about to follow when he became aware of being watched from the jagged mountains to the south.

The mailed right shoulder dipped fractionally, and Conan dropped to his heels as the ax whistled over his head. His broadsword darted out to stab through the mail at a thigh, then he was rolling away from the return ax-stroke to come once more erect facing his opponent. Blood ran down the ax-man's leg, but he came on. Conan circled to the other's right, toward the ax. It would be more difficult for Crato to strike at him, thus. The ax slashed out in an awkward backhand blow. Conan swung, felt his blade bite through bone, and ax and severed hand fell together.

The scent of incense hissing with colored flames on the coals of a bronze brazier warred with the odor of a noxious brew bubbling in a stone beaker above a fire stoked with human bones. On the tables, dried mummies waited to be powdered for philters, among carelessly scattered ewers of deadly venom and bundles of rare herbs and roots. The necromancer himself stood watching the boiling brew, his attention rapt. The dark liquid began to froth higher. With but a moment's hesitation he removed the amulet from his neck.

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