Darkness Revealed: Descent in to Darkness by Richard E. Dansky

By Richard E. Dansky

Evening Falls on Luna A nightmare unfolds at the Moon, the glimmering middle of human house. voters are disappearing. Aberrants are invading. The Lunar inhabitants turns to its psion protectors - you! How are the orders concerned? What does the enigmatic AEon Trinity quite understand? a few secrets and techniques should not be printed. fact Can Pierce the Darkness Descent into Darkness is the 1st within the 3 half Darkness printed experience sequence for the trinity science-fiction surroundings. This e-book kicks off the epic tale that would swap the Trinity Universe perpetually. It additionally info vital areas of Luna and Mars for all psions. Descent into Darkness comprises: # 3 entire adventures for any trinity sequence # very important resource fabric on Luna and Mars # the 1st within the sweeping Darkness published trilogy

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