The Cambridge Companion to the Roman Republic by Harriet I. Flower

By Harriet I. Flower

Reading all elements of Roman heritage and civilization from 509-49 BC., this significant other spans the improvement of the vintage republican political procedure and the expansion of an international empire. It additionally records the final word disintegration of the method below the relentless strain of inner dissension and the boundless ambition of top politicians. amazing eu and American students current various present techniques in the direction of figuring out the political, army, and social features of Roman historical past, in addition to its literary and visible tradition.

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The Cambridge Companion to the Roman Republic

Reading all points of Roman heritage and civilization from 509-49 BC. , this better half spans the advance of the vintage republican political process and the expansion of a global empire. It additionally files the last word disintegration of the procedure less than the relentless strain of inner dissension and the boundless ambition of prime politicians.

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The first provincial extortion trial came in the year 171. 27 It was not only the magistracy that lost ground to the senate in Rome's "constitution" at this time. C. 28 Still, the term prorogatio persisted in official contexts down through the Republic — a good example of the sometimes confusing conservatism of Rome's administrative language. , before we can adequately trace developments like these further. But by the year 100 we know for a fact that there existed a small forest of regulations concerning administration not just in the territorial provinces but also in transit to and fro.

But, again, the Romans of the Republic never made a comprehensive attempt to formalize their public law. It may be worth considering, if only for a moment, why not. One basic reason is that the people most likely to draft such a document - the leading members of Rome's senatorial establishment — were in all periods fully conscious that writing things down served only to cut into their own class prerogatives and influence. Another factor is that, by the time a Latin legal literature was first developing (say, c.

Legitimate power, Cicero admonishes Lepidus, is what is allowed by positive laws (leges), ancestral custom (mos maiorum), and accepted precedent (instituta). Those who want to get and wield power are further circumscribed by a general societal expectation for self-restraint. " Cicero then shifts to the personal. Lepidus' circumstance as a nobilis — the elite status that derives from having one of Rome's eponymous chief magistrates as an ancestor in the male line — introduces additional considerations, Cicero implies.

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